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The Rise of Electric Skateboard in the US

Skateboarding has seen a global resurgence, and with it, a different type of skateboarding has started to become popular: e-skateboarding.  This exciting blend of conventional skateboarding and modern technology is taking the world by storm, offering a fun and convenient way to get around.

E-skateboards are essentially skateboards equipped with electric motors and wireless throttles for acceleration and braking.  Some even use body weight for control, similar to a Segway.  The concept has been around for decades, with the first gas-powered version emerging in 1975 before being banned due to environmental concerns.

After years of development Louie Finkle, often cited as the originator of the modern e-skateboard, unveiled his electric design in 1997.  Battery and motor technology limitations that time initially slowed the widespread adoption, but advancements have finally made e-skateboarding a viable option.

The Rise of Electric Skateboard: E- skateboarding service, and trends.

Just like traditional skateboards, e-skateboards come in a wide variety of styles to suit different riding preferences.  From mini boards for learning the basics to all-terrain ones for off-road adventures, there’s an e-skateboard for all.  They’re also constructed from various materials like wood, aluminum, and carbon fiber, similar to their non-electric counterparts. I wonder how light those carbon fiber e-skateboards could be? 

The e-skateboarding market is growing steadily.  Globally, the market is expected to reach a staggering $2.3 billion, with the US market alone boasting a 32.7% share.  Consumers are increasingly drawn to e-skateboards as a fun and sustainable alternative to traditional transportation like cars and bikes.  Several major brands like Swagtron, Boosted Boards and Evolve Skateboards are key players in the e-skateboard market. 

E-skateboarding is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults seeking a new way to get around.  It’s important to note that age restrictions often apply, so always check the e-skateboard manufacturer’s guidelines before riding.  Key cities for e-skateboarding include California, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii but be sure to research local regulations regarding speed limits, power requirements, and helmet laws.

How Core Skateshops would benefit from E-Skateboarding and increase their revenue.

While most e-skateboards are purchased online, core skate shops have a great opportunity to capitalize on this growing market.  Unlike traditional skateboards, e-skateboards often lack dedicated repair options.  By acquiring a few specialized tools, skate shops can position themselves as the go-to repair destination for e-skateboarders. It makes life easier for e-skateboard owners as they don’t need to ship it over to repair centers or e-skate manufacturers.

The benefits for skate shops extend far beyond e-skateboard repairs.  Many shops already stock parts compatible with e-skateboards, like grip tape, bearings, and wheels. Bones Swiss Ceramics plus E-Skateboards sounds good to me!  

By strategically targeting e-skateboarders with advertising, skate shops can attract new customers who need these parts, along with complementary items like helmets, pads, and clothing.

Here are some additional ways skate shops can tap into the e-skateboarding market:

  • Free Delivery: Offer free delivery within a limited radius of your shop to incentivize e-skateboard purchases directly from your shop. Consider using e-skateboards for these deliveries for an eco-friendly touch. 
  • Partnerships with e-skateboard companies: Train your staff to become certified e-skateboard repair technicians, generating additional income for your shop while saving money for e-skateboard companies seeking reliable repair partners. Time to learn something new asides cutting grip tapes and adjusting bushings.
  • E-skateboarding lessons: Capitalize on the growing interest by offering e-skateboarding lessons for beginners. Similar to skateboard lessons during the weekends like Skate The Foundry’s program.
  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with e-skateboard companies through affiliate marketing programs. Promote their products in-store and online, earning commissions on every sale generated through your unique affiliate link.
  • Designated e-skate product displays: Showcase e-skateboards prominently in your shop, just like traditional skateboards. Offer a variety of options to cater to different needs and budgets. 

Remember, just like traditional skateboards wear down with use, e-skateboards require maintenance to keep them running smoothly. This includes regular cleaning, checking the motor for signs of trouble (and replacing it if needed), and inspecting wheels, bearings, and other rolling parts for wear and tear. Lubrication may also be necessary for some components. By prioritizing maintenance, you can extend the life of your e-skateboard and avoid unexpected issues in the future.

With e-skateboarding gaining popularity, exciting developments are coming soon thanks to the latest technologies being added to the new e-skateboards. We can expect to see more contests and events catering to this new sport. By embracing e-skateboarding, core skate shops can position themselves at the forefront of this type of skateboarding, ensuring their continued success in the years to come.


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