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U.S. Hardgoods Manufactures

  • Point Distribution – This is a great company based in NV, ideal for beginner skateboards or wall hangers (boards used as decorations). For experienced skaters, these decks may not be as durable, but they’re perfect for custom price-point decks, rental/programming, and low-quantity orders. Personally, I’ve used their boards for workshops, where my students created their own graphics, which were easily printed as one-offs. It’s also a reliable option for lower price-point decks.
    – Wheels from this manufacturer are typically hard 101, offering an affordable option for the shop.
    – For Trucks, I recommend using a specialized company, and there are excellent sources available outside of the U.S.
  • Clutch Distribution – They offer affordable options made in the US, which means you won’t have to worry about high shipping costs or long delivery times. Their decks are of pro quality, as they manufacture for Thank You Skateboards, founded by pro skaters Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song, ensuring top-notch performance. Moreover, Clutch provides a wide variety of decks to choose from and even offers samples before making your purchase. Their standard pricing is hard to beat compared to other manufacturers. You won’t be disappointed with the quality and selection they offer!
  • South Central Skateboard Manufacturing – While I haven’t personally ordered from here, I can vouch for their reputation as a reputable U.S. manufacturer, supplying goods to top companies like 5BORO. Their minimum quantity for board orders is 50, which is standard for most manufacturers. For smaller quantity decks, you can check out Clutch or Point Distribution.

China Manufacturers

Please be aware that China deck manufacturers are best suited for purchases of 500 decks or more. Ordering smaller quantities may not be taken seriously by the manufacturers. It’s essential to have a proven concept before considering overseas production.
Additionally, I recommend purchasing in larger quantities to save on costs. Labor in China is currently experiencing price increases, and with fewer people seeking factory jobs, factories are paying higher wages to retain employees. As a result, the cost of goods has risen. If your minimum order is right at 500 decks, I may not recommend proceeding and suggest considering a U.S. manufacturer like Clutch Distribution instead.
If you’re still interested in ordering from China, I advise scheduling a FREE 15-minute consultation with me so I will provide you with more detailed information and guidance.

  • Huizhou Chopchop Woodshop Co Ltd – A China-based manufacturer that produces decks for renowned brands like Palace Skateboards, Theories of Atlantis, Santa Cruz, and Creature Skateboards.
  • Hk Evergreen Tree Trade Limited – Another Chinese manufacturer that creates decks for prominent brands including The Kayo Corp, Crailtap (Girl & Chocolate), Deluxe Distribution, Welcome Skateboards, and NHS boards.

I’ve utilized various manufacturers in China for sourcing goods, and some are currently in use. The manufacturers suitable for you will depend on your specific sourcing requirements. For example, NHS purchases their goods from the manufacturers listed above and others for different products.
To begin, it’s essential to identify what you want to source as a starting point. I recommend starting with small, easily shippable products that are cost-effective. As you gain confidence, you can gradually scale up to larger items and quantities.
Feel free to reach out to me for further information or if you need assistance.

Mexico Manufactures

Many US companies are increasingly shifting their sourcing from China to Mexico. While sourcing in Mexico can present some challenges due to limited resources, the market is rapidly developing with significant potential. Despite these difficulties, there are numerous benefits to sourcing from Mexico, such as proximity and faster shipping, lower shipping costs, quicker response times due to time zone alignment, language advantages, and the positive impact of supporting local economies.

Finding a manufacturer in Mexico may be more challenging compared to China, mainly because China boasts a well-established and extensive manufacturing infrastructure across various industries. In contrast, Mexico’s manufacturing base, though significant, may have limitations in certain sectors. However, the advantages of sourcing from Mexico, combined with its growing market, make it an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to diversify their supply chains and explore new opportunities.

Useful Tools for Skate Instructors

Skater Trainers – These are incredibly beneficial for first-time skaters. Originally designed for learning tricks, I’ve found them to be even more useful for beginners who are still getting comfortable standing on the skateboard and building confidence without the fear of falling. Using Skater Trainers can make you look like a pro coach to parents, leading to more lesson bookings! Additionally, if you sell products, Skater Trainers can be an easy upsell to parents after the lesson.

Wheele Pro – This is another amazing tool to help your students improve their balance and master manuals. I purchased one to test it out, then order 8 more right away for my skate students. Learning manuals can be challenging and intimidating for beginners as they often come to an abrupt stop or lean back too much, resulting in falls. The Wheele Pro dramatically reduces the risk of falling and rapidly builds confidence. The only drawback is that it sticks to the skateboard by Velcro, so I recommend having a spare practice board that you don’t mind having Velcro attached to the tail or nose.

 Yes4All Versatile Wooden Wobble – An excellent and inexpensive backup tool to have on hand. In extreme cases where a student has very little balance, it’s crucial to focus on teaching them “balance” before diving into skateboarding skills. The Wobble Board is perfect for a 10-15 minute warm-up, allowing them to gradually adjust to weight distribution and engage their muscles. It’s also a fantastic quick warm-up tool for little kids. Additionally, if your student has a younger sibling, you can provide the wobble board for them to play with while you conduct the lesson with the older sibling. It’s a versatile and beneficial addition to your teaching toolkit. 


  • Ambler Apparel – If you’re in the Philadelphia area or surrounding suburbs, I highly recommend Ambler Apparel for your custom t-shirt needs. I’ve been ordering from them for years. Being a local business, you can conveniently pick up your order and save on shipping costs. Moreover, their prices are more competitive than those of big online stores. Working with a small business like Ambler Apparel makes communication easy, and they are happy to discuss and refine your design ideas. They might even offer assistance with your graphics!
  • Alphabroder – An excellent clothing distribution company for blank gear. Whether you’re planning to print your own shirts or need blank apparel, I highly recommend checking them out. They offer a wide range of products, including shirts, hats, pants, and bags. With competitive prices and incredibly fast shipping, Alphabroder is a reliable choice for all your blank gear needs!

Website Hosting & Domain Registrar:

  • DreamHost – I’ve been a loyal user of DreamHost for over 10 years, utilizing their services for multiple companies I’ve owned or helped build. While there are many hosting options available, I firmly believe in the saying, “Stick to what you like.” DreamHost has consistently been a platform I enjoy using, thanks to its user-friendly interface and reliable customer support. Throughout my experience, I’ve never had a negative encounter with them. They’ve been a fantastic choice for hosting my websites!
  • DreamHost – Not only an excellent hosting provider but also a great domain registrar. Getting started with finding your domain name on DreamHost is straightforward and easy. I highly recommend them once again. However, I suggest doing some research to explore other options and find what best suits your needs and preferences.
  • WordPress – Installation on DreamHost is a breeze. I’ve relied on WordPress for over 10 years, and it has never disappointed me. As an industry standard, it’s widely used by many companies, making it easy for web developers to work with if you decide to seek their assistance. With user-friendly drag-and-drop options and templates similar to Wix and other platforms, WordPress offers great flexibility. However, I encourage you to explore various options and find what suits your company best.
  • SquareSpace – If you’re selling hardgoods and not services, SquareSpace could be a suitable option. Its integrated POS system directly on the website reduces the need for extensive website maintenance. However, keep in mind that SquareSpace might not offer as many additional features such as plug-ins, advanced analytics, keywords, etc., as easily available in WordPress. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs before making a decision.

Credit Cart Payment Processors

  • PayPal – In my experience, PayPal is the simplest way to send and receive money, especially when starting out a service based business. It’s also great for sending invoices to clients. If you don’t have a high volume of transactions daily or weekly, PayPal is the most convenient choice. When I started my company, Skate The Foundry, PayPal was my top option for payment processing. Additionally, when receiving payment for your service such as a lesson, make sure your client sends it as “Friends and Family” to avoid any additional fees.
    Consider opening a business account with PayPal once your skate instructor business has consistent sales. They offer a card reader for your phone, but other payment processing companies also provide similar options. Be sure to explore different choices before deciding.

Email Marketing

  • Constant Contact – I’ve been a satisfied user for the past eight years. Besides offering excellent email marketing, they provide various other features such as client categorization, survey distribution, and website assistance with a landing page option before having a host or domain. They seamlessly integrate with other platforms I use to grow my companies. Their service and support is top-notch.

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