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Tips For Starting A Skateboard Deck Company

This episode of SYSB podcast (episode 4) dives deep into the world of skateboard branding, art, and entrepreneurship with Shawn Beeks, the owner and creative mind behind Slapstik Skateboard Art. 

We explore the origins and business journey of Slapstik, including product development, challenges faced, graphic design approach, artist collaborations, navigating current events in artwork, establishing relationships with skate shops, and successful marketing strategies for aspiring skateboard brand founders, particularly those interested in starting a deck company.

Tips For Starting A Skateboard School

Welcome Kevin Banahan, co-owner of SkateYogi, a Brooklyn, NY skateboard school with locations in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (PLG) and Williamsburg! In this podcast, Kevin shares the inspiring and informative story of SkateYogi’s transformation – from a single skateboard class in a yoga studio 12 years ago to its current two-location success. 

We discuss a range of topics, from SkateYogi’s humble roots to its growth strategies, managing a team, and exciting future plans. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to create a skateboarding organization. You’ll hear key details and tips on getting started and growing your programs. 

I guarantee you’ll take away valuable insights applicable to your own business – just like I did! About Skate Yogi: SkateYogi offers skateboarding classes for both kids and adults, focusing on spreading the fun, creativity, and community of skateboarding.

Entrepreneurial Insights

In this podcast featuring Brett and his mom, a seasoned real estate and business professional with over 30 years of experience, you’ll explore Brett’s remarkable transformation from a young skateboarder to the thriving entrepreneur behind Skate The Foundry.

Discover the key milestones of his journey, from turning his passion for skateboarding into a successful business, with insights into early supporters and community backing, to the positive impact of entrepreneurship on his life. Brett’s mom also shares her wealth of knowledge within business, offering invaluable insights for new entrepreneurs. Together, they underscore the value of monetizing passion, financial savvy, hard work, and market understanding. Tune in to this inspiring conversation and uncover how passion can lead to a purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey.

From Pro Athlete to Successful Entrepreneur

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Start Your Skate Business podcast. In this episode, we sit down with a very special guest, Chris Williams, who is not only Brett’s brother but also a lifelong mentor.

Chris’s journey from a professional soccer player to an entrepreneur is inspiring. He played for notable teams like the New York Red Bulls and ventured into international soccer leagues in countries like Denmark, Hungary, Vietnam, and Thailand. However, in 2013, he made a pivotal decision to build his coaching academy, YTP Sports, passing up offers from pro soccer leagues in Sweden and Australia.

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