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Build your skateboard business and become your own boss.

Start Your Skateboard Business

Business Knowledge for Skateboard Shops, Skate Schools, and Skate Brands.

Grow your company, Increase sales, Stand out in the market.

I help skate shops and skateparks increase revenue streams by adding skate programming to their businesses by using my systems of automation and simplicity.

The Start Your Skate Business is a platform that combines elements of skateboard culture with the business world. It serves as the bridge between skateboarding and entrepreneurship.

This website aims to provide you with the necessary resources to build a successful skateboard business while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in starting a skate shop, launching an online store, establishing a skateboard academy, developing hardgoods or soft goods brands, or pursuing any other skateboard-related endeavor, Start Your Skate Business is here to assist you.

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Think about your skate business…

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About Me

I help skate shops and skateparks increase revenue streams by adding skate programming to their businesses by using my systems of automation and simplicity.

Hey, I’m Brett Williams, a skate entrepreneur with 23 years of experience.

Trust me, you’re not alone and I’ve been there.

I once was operating everything within my skate shop. It wasn’t just that I felt I had to do it; financially, I had no choice. This relentless journey led to burnout and left me questioning both my own abilities and the company’s future.

Fast forward to now (8 years later), my current company, Skate The Foundry, is an award-winning indoor skatepark and school, with thousands of clients and numerous local government and school contracts across the tri-state region. With my significantly reduced workload through my proven systems of focusing on skate programs as an additional revenue stream, I now work just 4 days a week, 3 hours a day.

My 8-year journey is your roadmap to achieve success faster.

As fellow skate businesses struggle post-pandemic, I aim to share my strategies, connect you with other skate business owners, and help grow your business!

Start Your Skate Business

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