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Side Hustles in Skateboarding: Resell Skate Products

Reselling Skate Products

Side Hustle in Skateboarding Reselling Products

The skateboarding world is not just about skateboarding itself; it’s also a flourishing market for entrepreneurs looking to make a mark through reselling. Specifically, the reselling of skateboard products, including clothing, has seen a significant rise. This surge is largely driven by the vintage skateboarding shirts craze, fueled by a growing consumer interest in retro fashion and the endorsement of these styles by celebrities and influencers.

At its core, reselling skateboard products follows a simple business model: buy low, sell high. This principle, when applied correctly, can turn into a profitable venture. Skate clothing resellers, for instance, are making upwards of $5000 weekly. Success, however, hinges on understanding demand, competitive pricing, and strategic sourcing.

How to get started reselling skateboard products:

  1. Understanding the Market – The first step is to grasp what the market desires. Vintage skate clothing is a hot commodity, reminiscent of the times when band shirts and New Era hats dominated the skate scene. Keeping a pulse on these trends is crucial for identifying high-demand products. Similar to the time when band shirts were very popular in skateboarding, or the time that everyone wanted a New Era hat while skating. – Baker Baker!
  2. Sourcing Products – Efficient product sourcing is pivotal. Direct purchases from manufacturers or wholesalers offer the lowest prices. Consider low price clothing on Amazon, Temu, or Alibaba. Additionally, exploring retail sales, liquidation, or thrift stores can uncover valuable finds that can be sold for a premium.
  3. Choosing the Right Platform – Your choice of platform can make or break your reselling business. Options range from eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Each has its merits, but the key is to select the one that aligns with your target market’s preferences. This step is also the same on our previous blog about reselling vintage skateboards.
  4. Reaching Your Market – Knowing where your audience spends their time is vital. For those targeting a demographic in their 30s to 50s, Facebook, email, and niche websites are advisable. Meanwhile, a younger audience might be more accessible via Instagram, TikTok, or at events like festivals.
  5. Pricing Strategies – Competitive pricing is not just about being cheaper but offering value that justifies your price point. Regular market research to compare prices and setting a fair margin is necessary for sustainability and growth.
  6. Marketing and Customer Service – Effective marketing and exceptional customer service are the backbones of any reselling business. Engaging social media content, promotions, responsive customer service, and quick shipping can set you apart in the competitive skate clothing market.
  7. Adaptability – Just like the skateboarding culture, which constantly evolves, your business should too. Staying true to your roots while adapting to market changes is the essence of longevity and success in this niche.

Reselling skateboard products, particularly clothing, offers a viable path to entrepreneurial success within the skateboarding community. By following these steps—understanding market demand, sourcing strategically, choosing the right platform, targeting your market effectively, competitive pricing, marketing creatively, and providing excellent customer service—you can build a thriving side hustle that not only pays but also celebrates the skate culture.

Need Our Assistance? We’re here for you! Just drop us an email with any questions or if you need any assistance in reselling skateboards products, and we’ll help you get started on how to begin.


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