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Nidecker Group Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Sole Tech Brands


In a surprising move that has become one of the biggest news stories this month in the skateboarding world, the Nidecker Group announced the strategic acquisition of Sole Tech’s prestigious shoe brands: éS, Etnies, Emerica, and ThirtyTwo. This move marks a major shift in the action sports industry, as Nidecker strengthens its market position by adding these iconic brands to its portfolio. 

Acquisition of Sole Tech Brands

The acquisition marks a pivotal moment for Pierre André Senizergues, who has helmed these brands since founding Etnies 38 years ago. Despite the ownership change, Senizergues’ focus on making this acquisition work for skateboarders will continue as he remains CEO and retains a minority interest – This is good news for the Sole Tech brands. This allows him to concentrate on product innovation, marketing, design, and sales. His continued involvement ensures that the brands’ creative direction remains consistent.

Nidecker Group

Nidecker Group, established in 1887 and known for its deep roots in action sports since 1912, brings a rich heritage to the table. As the oldest action sports company globally, Nidecker’s acquisition of Sole Tech’s brands underscores its commitment to preserving legacy while pursuing growth. This acquisition is in line with their long-standing tradition of integrating heritage with innovation, ensuring the sustainability and expansion of these brands.

While the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, the strategic benefits are clear.  Positioning Nidecker to elevate the Sole Tech brands to new heights, the acquisition allows Nidecker to diversify its product offerings and strengthen its presence in the highly competitive action sports market.

In my personal opinion, while skateboarders often dislike large corporations acquiring skateboarding brands, the Nidecker Group seems like an ideal fit for this acquisition. Their primary focus on action sports, particularly snowboarding, could allow the Sole Tech brands (Etnies, éS, Emerica, and ThirtyTwo) to flourish further. We might even see standalone shops and boutiques for these brands in the future, which could promote skateboarding and the brands themselves even more. Additionally, this move might prevent situations like éS’s farewell posts from a few years back.

Pierre André Senizergues expressed confidence in the strategic alignment between Sole Tech and Nidecker. “This has been an incredible journey, building these beloved brands from the ground up and watching them grow,” he stated. “I am confident that Nidecker, with its longstanding history and rider-owned values, is the perfect new home for Etnies, éS, Emerica, and ThirtyTwo. We share the same values, and they represent the next generation with the energy and scale necessary to ensure that our brands can thrive in new and exciting ways.”

Nidecker’s CEO highlighted the strategic synergy and shared vision between the companies. “We have a deep admiration for Pierre and what he has built. His journey from humble beginnings to creating iconic brands is nothing short of inspiring,” he said. “We are honored to carry forward the legacy of these brands, maintaining their authenticity and dedication to quality. Our shared values and commitment to the action sports community will drive us to new heights together.”

This acquisition is a strategic move for Nidecker, enhancing its market share and reinforcing its leadership in the action sports industry. By integrating Sole Tech’s renowned brands, Nidecker is poised to deliver enhanced value to consumers and stakeholders alike, ensuring long-term growth and sustainability.


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