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How Skateboard Lessons Can Drive Revenue Growth for Skate Shops

Skate shops play a pivotal role in the skateboarding community, not just as retailers of skateboard products but also as a place for all skateboarders. Beyond selling skateboards and related accessories, offering skateboard lessons has become an increasingly popular strategy to boost business. This initiative not only enhances customer engagement but also opens additional revenue streams.

Here’s how incorporating skateboard lessons can increase revenue for skate shops:

  1. Attracting New Customers – Skateboard lessons are an excellent starting point for individuals who have never skateboarded before, as well as for experienced skateboarders looking to enhance their skills. This broad appeal can bring in diverse customers, ranging from complete beginners to those from other regions seeking to improve their techniques. 
  2. Customer Relationships – Engaging customers through lessons helps deepen their connection with the shop. Learners tend to become regular customers, often purchasing their gear and accessories from the same place where they feel they are gaining valuable skateboarding insights. This relationship building is crucial, as loyal customers are more likely to recommend the shop to others, thereby enhancing its reputation and expanding its customer base. In my experience, the first person who taught me how to do ollies worked at a skate shop near my area. Ever since then, I’ve become a regular customer of that shop.
  3. Additional Income – Offering skate lessons provides a shop with another income stream that is somewhat resistant to the fluctuating trends of the skateboarding market. Whether it’s changes in skateboard designs, shoe styles, or popular brands, lessons remain a constant offering that keeps generating income even when product sales fluctuate. Trust me skateboarding trends change fast! 
  4. Skate Shop Promotion and Its Products – Skateboard lessons also serve as a promotional tool, highlighting not only the shop’s commitment to improving skateboarding skills but also the quality and range of products it offers. This dual exposure can entice more customers to visit the shop for both lessons and shopping, effectively increasing overall sales.
  5. Building Partnerships and Community – Collaborating with skateboarding brands, schools, or local businesses through lessons can open up new promotional and revenue opportunities. Moreover, lessons help build a community of skateboarders, making the shop a local hub for the sport. This community-building aspect can significantly boost the shop’s standing in the local market, attracting more customers and fostering customer loyalty. 
  6. Making a Lasting Impact – By offering skateboard lessons, skate shops do more than just teach skateboarding; they influence lives, providing a sense of community, achievement, and joy to many. This positive impact enhances the shop’s image and can lead to increased patronage. – Best thing about sharing the gift of skateboarding to someone!

For aspiring part-time skateboard instructors at skate shops:

As featured in our skateboard side hustle series blog, the income for skateboard instructors can vary. Rates generally range from $10 to $75 per hour, with the potential to earn about $500 per month part-time. For those considering a full-time career, specialized schools like GoSkate offer rates up to $95 per hour, contingent on the instructor’s skill level.

Skate The Foundry’s very own Brett Williams shared his experience teaching skateboard lessons. He noted that you can expect to earn around $100 in your first month as a side hustle with minimal effort BUT an effective strategy. 

In conclusion, integrating skateboard lessons into the business model of skate shops not only diversifies their revenue streams but also establishes their role in the skateboarding community, secures customer loyalty, and enhances their market presence. This multifaceted strategy can significantly improve a skate shop’s financial health and community standing, making it a win-win for business owners and skateboarding enthusiasts alike.

Need our assistance? We’re here for you! Just send us an email with any questions or if you need help adding skateboard lessons to your skate shop. We’ll guide you on how to get started.


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