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Fairmans Skate Shop Farewell

Fairmans Skate Shop

Fairman’s Skate Shop: Acknowledging Its Influence On East Coast Skating

For nearly half a century, the East Coast has been home to one of its oldest and pioneering skate shops, a home for Pennsylvania skateboarders and a testament to the enduring spirit of the skateboarding community. Established in the spring of 1977 by the visionary Dave Fairman, what began as a modest operation in his garage burgeoned into a full-scale skateboard haven. By 1985, the passion business had matured into its first physical storefront in Prospect Park, eventually relocating to the bustling main strip of West Chester in 1988. This journey marked not just the expansion of a business but a home for skateboarders in Pennsylvania for the next 47 years.

Dave Fairman, beyond his role as the founder, became a known personality in the skateboarding world, later assuming the prestigious position of Executive Director of Media Business Authority. Under his guidance, Fairmans Skateshop blossomed into a nurturing ground for aspiring talents, sponsoring a notable professional skateboarders such as Kerry Getz of Habitat Skateboards, Andrew Cannon of Santa Cruz Skateboards, Bam Margera of Element Skateboards and the MTV series ‘Jackass,’ and Mike Maldonado of Toy Machine and Bootleg Skateboards. These names, synonymous with skateboarding excellence, underscored the shop’s commitment to fostering talent and passion. 

Mike Moll’s Ownership and Continued Community Involvement 

In 2014 Mike Moll obtained ownership, a prodigy who had been part of Fairman’s team since 2010. Moll’s tenure from 2014 to 2024 was marked by a blend of respect for the shop’s storied history and a forward-looking vision. Under his stewardship, Fairman’s Skateshop solidified its position as more than just a place to buy skateboards; it became a community cornerstone, especially in the West Chester area. Beyond the sale of skateboards, shoes, apparel, and an array of skateboarding accessories, the shop became synonymous with the heart and soul of the local skateboarding scene.

Fairman’s involvement in the community was multifaceted, deeply woven into the fabric of local skateboarding culture. Through sponsoring emerging talents, producing shop videos, organizing skateboard camps, and hosting a variety of events from art and music shows within the skate shop, they created a vibrant community hub. This commitment extended to advocacy for safer skateboarding environments and support for the development of skateparks. A notable instance of their advocacy was captured in a poignant social media moment, where Mike Moll was pictured with the PA Governor, discussing the necessity of more skateparks in the area. This moment was a symbol of Fairman’s broader mission to not only serve but also to enhance and protect the skateboarding community. What a cool dude Mike is! More safe places for skateboarders to skate!

Their dedication to the community was also showcased through their innovative use of digital platforms and physical spaces. A YouTube video by Localish brought to light their small indoor basement skatepark, a creative solution to the perennial challenge of finding safe, accessible spaces for skateboarding. This endeavor was not just about providing a venue but also about creating a sense of belonging and a safe haven for skateboarders to hone their skills and connect with peers.

The Future of Fairman’s Skate Shop

After 47 years of unparalleled support and dedication to the skateboarding community, Fairmans announced its closure through an Instagram post, leaving many to ponder the reasons behind the decision. While the shop’s doors may be closing, Mike Moll’s announcement of his intention to open a new skate shop in the future provides a beacon of hope and a promise of continuity. 

This saga, from its humble beginnings in Dave Fairman’s garage to its success as a cultural and community pillar, exemplifies the profound impact a business can have beyond its commercial pursuits. Fairman’s Skate Shop has not only been a place to buy skateboards; it has had a positive impact on skateboarding culture, nurturing talent, and fostering community togetherness. Its legacy is a powerful reminder of how businesses can profoundly shape and support their communities, creating ripples that endure far beyond their operational lifespans.

Thank you, Fairmans Skate Shop, for 47 years of supporting skateboarding. You are truly an inspiration to all of us skateboard shops. We wish Mike good luck with his future skate shop plan.


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