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How to Leverage Sponsorships to Boost Your Skate Business

How to Leverage Sponsorships to Boost Your Skate Business

By leveraging sponsorships, you can elevate your skate business, provide better services, and increase your revenue. Ready to take your skate business to the next level? Start building those sponsorship relationships today!

All it takes is to start with these:

Triple 8:

  • Known for high-quality safety gear, including helmets and pads.
  • Offers sponsorships that can include gear and discounts, enhancing your program’s safety standards and professionalism.


  • Another top brand in the safety equipment industry.
  • Provides similar sponsorship opportunities, supporting skate parks and programs with essential gear and promotional materials.

Steps to Secure a Sponsorship

  1. Research Potential Sponsors:

    Look for brands that align with your values and needs. Triple 8 and S1 are excellent choices for skate parks and programs.

  1. Create a Strong Proposal:

    Develop a detailed proposal when approaching schools and townships, highlighting the inclusion of high-quality safety equipment. Make sure your proposal showcases the professionalism and safety your program offers.

  1. Promote Your Sponsorships:

    Highlight your sponsorships in all your marketing materials, from social media to your website. Use banners, window decals, and branded merchandise to promote your sponsors at your skate park or shop.

  1. Build and Maintain Relationships:

    Regular communication with your sponsors is key. Show appreciation and support through regular updates and thank-you messages. Building a strong relationship ensures continued support and new opportunities.

  1. Plan Events and Giveaways:

    Organize contests, giveaways, and events to engage your community and promote your sponsors. Use sponsor-provided swag as prizes to increase excitement and brand loyalty.

  1. Monitor and Adjust:

    Regularly review your sponsorship strategies and make adjustments as needed. Seek feedback from participants and sponsors to improve your program continuously.

Key Takeaway:

Sponsorships can significantly elevate your business. Take it from me – my company, Skate The Foundry, has had a successful sponsorship with Triple 8 for the past four years. These partnerships are not just about free gear; they’re about expanding your reach, increasing your professionalism, and boosting your revenue.

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