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Wellness Living Strategies to Specifically to Grow Your Skate Business

Meeting Details

Date: April 10, 2024 

Time: 10:00am EDT – 11:00am EDT 

Meeting conducted through Zoom: Link will be provided via email upon signup.

About The Host

Hey there! I’m Brett, the proud owner of STF (Skate The Foundry) and SYSB (Start Your Skate Business). SYSB was created out of my desire to share knowledge within the skateboard community and support other skate entrepreneurs.


As skaters, we’ve all seen skate shops and parks come and go, and it truly sucks when they disappear. I’ve been there myself – I had to close down one of my skate shops after experiencing overwhelming stress and waking up to panic attacks. However, I refuse to label that as a failure. In fact, during that challenging time, I was in the process of franchising. I completed a Financial Disclosure Document (FDD), created an Operations Manual, and navigated through all the steps of franchising before putting it on hold.


Throughout this journey, I documented and filmed everything about the POS software, Wellness Living, which is especially tailored for skateboard shops, parks, and programs. I now much rather share my knowledge with others for free so that we all can continue to be successful within the skate industry and skateboarding can continue to thrive as well as our businesses.

My Expertise with Wellness Living

I consider myself an expert in using Wellness Living. I have a ton of knowledge about the platform, even more than some Wellness Living employees. I only know this because when I talk with them for assistance, I usually end up not getting the help I need and showing them something new.

I’ve watched countless hours in training webinars, stayed up-to-date with every release update since 2020, engaged in active discussions with their top Success Manager (she sends me tons of webinars), and trained over 30 of my own staff members to become experts throughout the years.

You, however, do not need to sit through four years of webinars nor talk with WellnessLiving staff that usually take up to three days for a response. I will share the exact steps you need to set up your Wellness Living account, which then will be on autopilot.

In this Webinar you will learn how to:

1. Setting up Facebook Pixel
Learn how to track user actions and conversions on your Wellness Living account to effectively advertise on Facebook/Instagram

2. Setting up Skate Courses
Discover how to create and manage skate courses within your Wellness Living platform.

3. Establishing Staff Payment Commissions & Incentives
Explore strategies for setting up staff payment commissions and incentives to motivate your team, both employees and independent contractors.

4. Creating Specific Client Groups
Learn how to categorize your clients into groups like Little Kids, Teenagers, Adult Beginners, and Open Skate users. This will be helpful during your marketing.

5. Setting up Automated Emails
Discover how to set up automated emails for birthdays, anniversaries, and marketing within your client purchase receipts, which ties into user groups.

6. Offering Discounts
Implement early bird specials, first-time discounts, and more to attract and retain clients.

7. Interconnected Strategies
See how all of these six topics are intertwined with each other to retain clients and attract prospects.

8. Q&A Session
I will be available to answer any questions you may have during the webinar. Let’s elevate your skate business together!

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